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Scholastic Atlas Of The United States

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Atlas Of The United States



One should get a copy of Scholastic Atlas Of The United States an ideal book written by DAVID RUBEL. The author is DAVID RUBEL and the publisher is Scholastic. The became available sometime in November of 2003. The book has 144 pages, add to cart by selecting the link below.

Nobody's born knowing the capital of Wyoming, but kids can put an finish to their geographic struggles with the Scholastic Atlas with the Usa. This slick, well-organized reference is perfect for browsing--the states are arranged by region, and each and every is explored on a two-page spread using a colorful map, table of facts, plus a brief essay on its history, economy, and significantly far more. Appendices cover U. S. territories and historical and geographical dimensions from the nation as a total. (Ages 7 and older) --Rob Lightner Each state is also highlighted on a map from the continental U. S. and a distinct aspect with the region's all-natural resources, weather, or economic climate is explained in an accompanying chart. Whether your student is helping to plan a trip to Cheyenne or writing a report on the mighty Mississippi River, this atlas serves as a solid resource.


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