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Atlas Of World History (usborne Illustrated Guide To)

Rating 4 stars
Atlas Of World History

E.D.C. Publishing

Author: Lisa Miles

Your kids will love Atlas Of World History. The author is Lisa Miles and it is published by E.D.C. Publishing. The child's book was released on the 1st of March, 1996. The children's book has 96 pages.

This atlas spans the entire of history from the formation with the earth till the late 20th century. Picture maps illustrate approaches of life, and trade and exploration routes. Works of art, significant people, buildings and artifacts are shown in illustrations and photographs. There are complete placenames and widespread indexes. Each page contains detailed colour maps, accompanied by clear, explanatory text. A 16-page reference section at the end includes time charts, globe maps, plus a glossary. Throughout, the maps are completely labelled in order that locations are observed in context. Step-by-step sequences describe such things as the growth and decline of empires, and also the movements of armies.


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