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Childrens Picture Atlas

Rating 4 stars
Childrens Picture Atlas

Usborne Books

Author: Ruth Brocklehurst
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Childrens Picture Atlas makes a great child's atlas. The author is Ruth Brocklehurst and it was published sometime in 2004 by Usborne Books. The book is 48 pages long. The children's book is 0.43"H x 12.24"L x 9.62"W and it has a weight of 1.32 lbs. Let yourself become enveloped in this children's book. Just picture your self as being the leading figure, contemplating along with struggling to find a answers as you go along. You may get as creative as you choose with the situation mentally.

This picture atlas takes young readers on a visual journey about the world, from the hot plains of Africa, for the frozen tundra with the Artic. Detailed pictorial maps reveal the richness and diversity of human and animal life about the globe. It supplies a straightforward introduction to maps, globe culture and geographical concepts for pre-school children. Each map shows the countries, their capital cities, most famous landmarks, longest rivers and highest mountains, while picture stories supplement the maps.


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