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Country-by-country Guide (our World)

Rating 4 stars
Countrybycountry Guide

Scholastic Reference

Author: Millie Miller


Presents information about the people, places, birds, insects, flowers, endangered species, and more associated with the countries of the world.
Children love Country-by-country Guide, a country-by-country guide. Written by Millie Miller and the publisher is Scholastic Reference. This was available around October of 2006. The atlas has 112 pages and it is packed with artistically colored illustrations of maps.

A perfect initial introduction to the nations from the world for elementary school students. OUR WORLD makes it fun and easy for kids to find out considerably far more about the planet around them. With more than 40 maps, 300 images, and hundreds of interesting facts and statistics, this distinctive atlas will expand each and every child's view of each nation about the globe. Miller's exclusive style and clear text will have the reader browsing the pages of this book for hours. Millie Miller contributes much more of her beautiful, watercolor illustrations like those identified inside the successful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Learn about food, languages, sports, animals, music, climate, architecture, population, and considerably more.


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