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Discovering Maps

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Discovering Maps

Hammond World Atlas Corporation

Your kids will love Discovering Maps from the publisher Hammond World Atlas Corporation. The atlas is 88 pages long. Whilst reading is one thing of which anyone can enjoy, you will discover surely many ways you could make the enjoyment greater. Lots of people point out they never sufficient time to read, but reading is yet another fantastic usage of time, particularly with the proper book. Buy a copy of this atlas, click on our store add to cart button below.

Why does the sun rise in the east? What nation grows one of the most oranges and coffee? What will probably be the distinction in between a physical map together with a political map? Where could be the highest mountain located? Discovering maps: a children's globe atlas and map reading guide. For children ages 8-14. Makes it fun to locate the answers to questions like these with colorful, easy-to-read maps and informative text.


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