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Geography Of The World

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Geography Of The World


Author: DK Publishing

Maps and text describe countries around the world and the ways of life of the inhabitants.
Should you be searching for a atlas I have come up with information. Get your hands on a copy of Geography Of The World by DK Publishing. The author is DK Publishing and it was published sometime in 2003 by DK CHILDREN. The children's book is focused on Geography and is perceived as a very good juvenile literature. The atlas has 304 pages and it incorporates plenty of fantastically colored illustrations of maps, click the link below.

An ideal reference for both home and school, Geography in the World has been updated and expanded to consist of all of the new nations and shifting borders in our diverse and ever-changing world. Geography of the World presents the nations with the globe inside a reality packed book with full color photographs, which will delight and educate young readers and their whole households! Much over just an atlas, this essential geographical guide gives details about each country's physical geography, people, climate, culture, and landscape, too as crucial sociopolitical statistics regarding literacy, life expectancy, and health care.


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