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National Geographic Beginner's United States Atlas

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National Geographic Beginners United

National Geographic Children's Books

Author: National Geographic


Learn about the 50 states in this book filled with facts, maps and colorful pictures.
My children want to reveal to you a great child's atlas titled Beginner's United States Atlas, it's your country, be a part of it!. The author is National Geographic and the publisher is National Geographic Children's Books. It was available on the 8th of September, 2009. The book has 128 pages and it is stuffed with delightfully colored illustrations of maps. It talks about Historical geography, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

In the brand new Beginner's Usa Atlas National Geographic's world-renowned cartographers, working with education consultants and geographers, have created a state-of-the-art United States atlas for young children ages 6 to 10. Throughout the atlas, maps, photographs, and text reinforce a single another, generating this an exciting round-the-country adventure and a fun-filled learning experience. This beautiful book is an engaging expertise with fact-filled essays and spectacular photographs that can catch the curiosity of young readers. Large maps pinpoint the physical features, capitals, together with other towns and cities of each state. This might be a must-have addition to libraries, classrooms, and homes nationwide; in relation to America, young minds deserve the guidance of the acknowledged authorities in all matters national and all things geographic. Children can access a wealth of information such as state flags, birds and flowers. Key points reflect the latest data about land and water, animals, and individuals and places.


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