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The Scrambled States Of America

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Scrambled States Of America
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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Author: Laurie Keller

The states become bored with their positions on the map and decide to change places for a while. Includes facts about the states.
Scrambled States Of America makes a great book. The author is Laurie Keller and it is published by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR). This child's book was available on bookshelves on the 15th of October, 1998. Should you be within the library you can quite likely look it up with the DDC, PZ7.K281346 Sc 1998. The atlas is 40 pages long and it provides colorfully illustrated pages, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

At the extremely first annual"states party,"Virginia and Idaho hatch a strategy to swap spots so each can see another part with all of the nation. In the beginning, every state is happy in its new place. Packed with madcap humor and whimsical illustrations, this quirky story--starring all fifty states--is chock-full of introductory facts and silly antics which will make learning geography as a lot fun as taking a vacation. Before the party is over, each of the states decide to switch places. Will the states ever unscramble themselves and return to their right places? Florida, who switches spots with Minnesota, is freezing in the frosty northern climate, and Minnesota hasn't brought sunscreen and is getting an awful sunburn. But soon things start to go wrong.

One day, Kansas wakes up grumpy. Books that claim to"make geography fun"usually ought to be taken using a dose of skepticism: so often, the teaching is there and the entertainment isn't. The states manage to swim, fly, bike, and hitchhike their way home, and everyone goes to bed in the best place--even Kansas is happy to be home after such an adventure. (Ages 4 and older) --Richard Farr Minnesota, who switches places with Florida, gets a sunburn. Perhaps best of all, the big format and riot of detail let for plenty of amusing asides. Late into the evening, Idaho and Virginia get up onto the stage and suggest that all of the states change areas. It's a hit! This wacky, thoroughly engaging tale of mixed-up geography is actually a good bet for some awards. We never GO anywhere. We never DO anything, and we NEVER meet any NEW states! The other 49 states are stretching, yawning, and pouring maple syrup onto each other's pancakes, but irritable Kansas announces to his kindly neighbor Nebraska that life is dull and modifications need to be made:"All day long we just sit here within the middle in the nation. This delightfully quirky and original book shows how it ought to be done. Kansas, having traded areas with Hawaii, gets lonely and sings some soggy blues so sad that a shark sheds a mournful tear offshore. Nevada and Mississippi fall in love. Despite the initial excitement, the new arrangement just doesn't feel right."Nebraska, sick of hearing North Dakota and South Dakota bicker all of the time, agrees to help organize a party for all the states. What a state of affairs.


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