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Slide And Discover: World Atlas

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Slide And Discover World Atlas
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Silver Dolphin Books

Author: Jen Green

Those who are interested in buying a child's atlas I have come up with some good information. Get yourself a copy of Slide And Discover: World Atlas by Jen Green. Written by Jen Green and it was published around February of 2013 by Silver Dolphin Books. The child's atlas is 24 pages long. To order a copy at the best price, visit our store button on this site.

Globe-trotters can embark on a unique adventure as they learn about the world's various cultures and composition, and how they perform together--or sometimes don't. Slide and Discover: World Atlas will take you on an out-of-country experience to aid you examine the world around you--and beyond--to offer you a special international view. Learn all sorts of fascinating things, like the earth's role inside the solar system, the various climates from the world, what's inside Earth's core, maps and population distribution, planet economies, all-natural wonders, early civilizations, and so much a lot more. The six sophisticated slide-and-discover windows of this atlas offer a comprehensive view of the world's cultures and topography, continent by continent. Also, find out for each and each and every continent how many countries it contains, its population, and which country is largest, smallest, has the longest river, is most densely populated, contains the highest peak, and much more. Beautifully illustrated, and full of facts alongside stunning photographs of dramatic landscapes, wildlife, cities, and famous people, explore the amazing diversity of folks and life within each country.


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