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Time For Kids United States Atlas 2010

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United States Atlas 2010

Time For Kids

Author: Editors of Time for Kids Magazine

Your children will love Time For Kids United States Atlas. Written by Editors of Time for Kids Magazine and it was published in June of 2009 by Time For Kids. The book is 144 pages long and it incorporates a good number of colorfully illustrated maps. The children's book is 10.87" Height x 8" Length x 0.27" Width and it has got a weight of 0.98 lbs.

This full-color atlas in the United states of america features maps in the North American continent, regions, and individual states. Individual state spreads function a Data Bank of facts and statistics including state superlatives: the longest, highest, lowest, etc. , photos of major natural and human-made state attractions, and state-specific interesting information. A back section capabilities a gazetteer to define map- and geography-related terms, an explanation of longitudes and latitudes, a section of graphs and charts showing how the U. S. compares with other nations in terms of population breakdowns, GDP, hours of school per year, incomes, and so on. State maps are a lot a lot more detailed than the maps in the World Atlas to include far more cities and towns. Also includes a"Where within the U. S."scavenger hunt game for kids to complete, utilizing compass directions, landmarks, scale of miles, and so on. Introductory maps in the front of the book include interstate maps, item maps, and topographical maps of the entire U. S. or regions.


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